Our value preposition to Microfinance Banks

  • Reduce the cost of funding and operations via services provided through the platform via the internet
  • Provide access to wholesale funds by being the platform that establishes an interbank market place for microfinance to borrow and lend from each other and other institutional investors
  • Facilitate efficient price discovery thereby lowering the funding cost of microfinance which will translate into lower rates of interest for microfinance loans
  • Increase outreach of microfinance to the poor by creating services that assist depositors to send funds to their MFI via SMS and mobile phones and interface to mobile payment solutions
  • Provide services to initiate collaterised borrowing via tri-party repurchase agreement thereby providing income fee opportunities to settlement banks that may want to provide custodial services.
  • Provide an opportunity for microfinance to securitise their existing loan portfolios via a notes funding program with participating investors.



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