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At e-Link Markets we are fostering communities of collaborative finance, where together socially responsible investors and issuers can directly perform financial transactions securely and efficiently via the global internet.  We serve as a link between investors (i.e. micro-lenders) and small businesses (i.e. micro-entrepreneurs) in need of credit, by actively partnering with Micro Finance Banks (i.e. MFBs) and other non-deposit taking Financial Institutions.  These partnerships are leveraged to create targeted Investment pools, which support new micro enterprises, thereby providing investment potential to projects that directly impact citizens and expand the reach of the microfinance industry to more people worldwide.

We are establishing crowd-funding campaigns that encourage stakeholder relationship with citizens by allowing direct investment into local micro enterprises and small community projects. Unlike traditional funding models, which rely on large commitments from one or two institutions, crowd-funding is based on raising smaller sums from many people.

We have achieved this by implementing a system that changes current microfinance funding strategies from commercial banks and government agencies to micro-investors. Thereby fulfilling the saving and investing needs of micro-investors, improving the funding issues faced by micro-lenders and helping the development of the financial markets. 


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